Hi, I’m Louise from Radge Design Fabric & Pattern.

I’m a graphic designer & surface pattern maker based in outback Australia. I’ve always enjoyed creating, art was my favourite subject at school and a bit at odds with my other maths/science subjects although they come in handy when working out repeats.

My process is a little backwards in the day and age of digital design, as I love pen and paper, almost all my designs start from sketches in my sketchbook.

I may have an idea in mind when I start; or I could be filling in time and that case you never quite know where the illustrations will go as often, I sketch at night when sitting on the couch and watching TV.

After creating the random sketches, I scan them in and convert them to digital formats so that I can then edit and manipulate the motifs in illustrator.

Some designs I design on the page as a repeat, others I create each individual element and then layer and arrange them on the screen to create a repeat pattern I am happy with.

I’m inspired by artists from a range of different movements and styles and especially like the Art Deco period for design in particular. I tend to design with limited colours in any one design, there may be a number of colours within the collection that complement each other without being evident in each pattern from the collection.

When working to a brief I will look at the information and then go away and brainstorm/sketch ideas for what I feel will work. Before then taking the next steps of scanning, altering motifs, adding colour and creating the repeat design.

I enjoy the challenges associated with taking the elements and creating a pattern that is pleasing to the eye and versatile so it can be used across a range of items from fabric to paper products or homeware items.

I would love to work on pattern designs for you.

louise raadgever surface pattern designer asutralia
creating motifs for surface pattern designs